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After Disney presented the audience with Moana, where a young woman uses her navigational skills and sets sail for a mythical island to save her people and the whole of humanity.

The movie was a hit among audiences, but as we know, Disney movies are not “Disney movies” if they don’t contain some dark theories about them.

The same goes for Moana too. One of the theories revolving around this delightful and adventurous movie is that the film’s main character, Moana, is dead. But what really led to such assumptions? Is it really true?


The story of Moana, a little girl, and her adventurous voyage across the ocean to save both her village and all of humanity, is told in the motion picture Moana.

The story took place on the Polynesian island of Motunui and included some background info on Te Fiti, the Goddess of nature, who was worshipped there. She was responsible for giving the ocean life in the distant past, using a Pounamu stone as her heart and the source of her abilities.

Because Moana was the chosen one, the narrative focused on her quest to regain her heart and save the world. There were many exciting times along the journey, but there were also several dangerous situations in which she could have easily perished.

Did Moana actually die in the storm?

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Moana left her village and set sail into the sea on her journey to find Maui and restore the heart. She had no prior experience in sailing. Things were going well until a deadly storm suddenly engulfed her.

Given the size of the storm and the limited resources in her canoe, she should have perished in it, yet surprisingly she managed to survive and even find the demi-god.

There isn’t much to consider if you look at the story. In spite of her family’s objections, the girl walks beyond the reef, encounters the demi god, heals the heart, and rescues the world in this straightforward, thrilling story

But thanks to some creative fans, there was a buzz in the town that the movie’s main character, Moana, was dead the entire time.

The whole audiences were shocked, and so were we. But as we looked into this matter, we found some interesting things that left us thinking.

First and foremost, let’s discuss how this assumption came into existence. Here we have prepared some ideas that might have started this whole “Moana is dead” trend.

Why did fans assume Moana was dead?

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As absurd as it may sound, you will undoubtedly need to put your thinking cap on for this one once you see these concepts and hypotheses.

Moana was simply a lighthearted and upbeat film aimed at younger audiences, but some observant Disney fans soon picked up on subtle clues and made these claims.

So, what actually was the thing that made fans see the movie in such a darker light? Here are some details that might have checked the list of suspicious and rang the death bell.

1. Moana survived the severe storm.
2. Sheencounteredthe Demigod.
3. She had been the Chosen One.
4. She had magical communication abilities
5. Moana had contact with her deceased grandmother.
6. She acted like Moses and split the sea!

We might have overexaggerated the last point, but how would she even do that if she was just a normal human? She must have been a goddess or a powerful spirit to get such superpowers.

Well, getting back to the topic, fans are faster than the speed of light. So while we were re-watching the movie for clues, they already came up with proof!

Not actually proofs but theories that made people think twice and even thrice. So let’s get right into them and start from the very beginning of the movie.

1. Her Grandmother, Tala, and the necklace

It must be real and very likely that Moana was dead the entire time she was traveling over the Pacific Ocean.

If you recall, while Moana’s grandmother Tala was dying, she gave her the necklace bearing Te Fiti’s heart and urged her to come back.

In order to make our point, let’s assume that Tala, who was dying, saw Moana, who had been dead all this time, and was able to physically give her the necklace, which brought Moana back to life and carried Maui across the vast ocean.

2. The Big Storm

Defying her parents, carrying her grandma’s will, and following her heart, Moana went beyond the reef in search of Maui and to restore the heart.

With guidance from her grandmother to follow the constellation of fish hooks to find Maui, Moana took on the challenge and began her journey.

However, it was no easy feat, as she encountered a huge storm on her way. With no sailing experience, she got caught up in the shower.

This is the part where she was supposed to be dead, which is very believable, as no ordinary human would have been able to survive such a storm, on top of being an inexperienced sailor.

3. Her encounter with Maui

The island that Moana eventually ended up being washed off to following the big storm was the one that the Demigod Maui called his home.

This theory believed that there was a barrier between the realm of the natural and the world of the supernatural, and one had to die to cross it.

Moana encountered Maui after the storm because she had died and crossed the barrier, and the island had become heaven.

4. She survived some Outlandish Stuff

Moana endures numerous absurd situations throughout the movie, which is no small achievement for any normal person—save for those who have died and turned into ghosts gifted with extraordinary abilities.

Moana was still at home when she damaged her foot. Despite this, she managed to survive the storm and was only slightly injured when she fell into the Realm of Monsters.

And do we need to talk about her touching the volcanic demon, Te Ka? She should have burned down to a crisp, but she didn’t, meaning she was not one of us.

5. Her journey to the underworld

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This second theory can prove that she is actually dead. In the case that Moana actually dies in the storm, she may go over the barrier and enter the Realm of the Dead.

Speaking of realms, rumors about the original movie script circulated in the community. The Realm of the Monsters was described in the script as the underworld, populated by the “dead” spirits rather than actual monsters.

Therefore, it’s extremely likely that Moana passed away, which would have made it simpler for her to navigate the underworld. Although many fans found this idea intriguing, it was not really heavily addressed

6. Her interaction with the Supernatural

Considering she was indeed the chosen one, her interaction with other supernatural beings was not much to be considered.

However, even though she was chosen, she was still a normal human being. Throughout her journey, she encountered many supernatural beings.

Such as the demigod, Maui, and beings in the Realm of monsters. Moreover, she could also interact with her deceased grandmother, who merged her spirit with a giant stingray.

She was also able to interact with other spirits after the storm, which added more proof to the fact that she was indeed dead.

7. Her journey to the afterlife

Brace yourselves for this one, as this one is by far the most interesting and shocking. So you know how we were talking about the big storms, Maui, and the afterlife?

Well, there is a possibility that the whole movie was Moana’s journey to the afterlife. Shocking, isn’t it? According to this theory, Moana died in the storm at the very beginning of the movie. Maui was her guardian angel who was supposed to take her to Te Fiti, which stood for heaven in the film.

So, this whole finding of Maui and restoring the heart was nothing more than Moana’s journey to the afterlife.

Because of all these twists and turns, fans could come up with such conspiracy theories. And what can we say? We do love them. But on a serious note, honestly speaking, these theories about Moana’s death are pretty convincing.

Was Moana a demigod?

Since we have already covered the fact that Moana could very much be dead, it leaves a high possibility for fans to think that she became a demigod.

In the movie, Moana fights with over a hundred coconut people, pushes a stone statue, and even dives to the bottom of the ocean to regain her heart.

Because these things are next to impossible for an ordinary human to accomplish, Moana could have become a demigod after she died in the storm.

Does Moana come back to life?

This question has a very straightforward answer. She didn’t die in the first place, thus she doesn’t return back to life.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Moana never even suffered any harm. She was unharmed despite being swept up in the powerful storm and falling into a dangerous area. She even survived certain situations that could have been fatal.

So, just because some theories killed her doesn’t mean she is dead.Moreover, there is still a possibility that there might also be a sequel to the movie. So, she won’t die anytime soon, so rest assured.

But it still won’t sit right if Disney were to kill the main character considering it is mainly targeted to younger audiences. But to older audiences, Disney movies are far from anything normal and bright.

From hidden messages to dark themes, Disney sure has its way of messing with our brains, and the fans do love being teased.

So, after reading this article, we are certain you will re-watch the movie once again and look for the clues, and who knows, you might come up with some interesting theories of your own.

But whether Moana is actually dead or not is not much important as it is still one of the most popular and loved movies Disney has ever made. Theories or not, Moana is a beautiful movie, and if you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for?


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