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  • The life story of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini. Starring Frank Grillo, Mira Sorvino and Gabriel Byrne.

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to the Grand Touring Motor Sports Podcast Break Fix, where we’re always fixing the break into something motor sports.

All right, you guys ready for this? We’re gonna do it again. Set against the backdrop of post-war Italy, Lamborghini. The manned behind the legend mirrors the complex transformation of Faro Lamborghini’s homeland From his modest beginnings, building tractors to the infamous rivalry he shared with Enzo Ferrari, his unparalleled genius made him a true icon in the automobile industry.

However, his passions also ignited emotional turmoil in his personal life, which was full of both romance and tragedy. Told to a tightly constructed narrative style and imaginative visual design. This film is the true story of the man behind the machine. And with that, let’s welcome back Steve from everything I learned from movies as well as our executive producer of the Drive-through [00:01:00] Tanya and Mountain, man, Dan, for this, what is going to be a beautiful crossover review of Lamborghini, the man behind the legend.


Yes. I am Steve. From everything I learned from movies. Hey everybody. Izzy couldn’t make it due to a last minute scheduling conflict, but she did send a message. Oh, she would like me to read. For everybody it says, This was a movie, and then it goes into caps. How dare they make Lamborghini boring? Fuck that noise.

Go watch Ford v Ferrari instead. End quote. Well, that about sums it up. So that’s our shortest episode ever. . Thank you everybody for listening. Enjoy the rest of your day. . Try the veal. We’re here all week. . Where do we even start with this dumpster fire? We needed Brad here so you could sing lowered expectations.

little weird expectations. No problem. Steve could do it. Yeah, see, I got this. Yeah, . Well, all right, [00:02:00] so you guys mentioned this movie. I didn’t even know this thing existed until you had mentioned it. It says it was released in November. Where I don’t remember seeing anything about it. Was it even released in theaters?

Straight to Amazon Prime, I think. Yeah, Amazon Prime. And then Voodoo picked it up and that’s the only two places you could find this thing. At the moment, that’s more than enough. I did a little research into this movie because you know, not hearing about it, it’s like, okay, maybe it’s like a visionary director from writer director Bobby Maresco.

And you guys know who that is? I do not. Who is that? I’ll give you a hint. He wrote a couple episodes of that Lance Hendrickson TV show, millennium back in the day. That was awesome. Oh really? And then he wrote Academy Award-winning movie crash. This is an Academy Award-winning writer and director. Of Crash

And then also did like the TV series Crash spinoff, some movie called 10th and Wolf that apparently was pretty good. Created a couple TV shows that lasted a season called The Black Donnelly’s at a hundred Code. So what you’re [00:03:00] saying is he made crash and then that’s basically . You get that award, you know, you, you can keep it forever.

Right. Nick Cage . Okay. He also did a Colin Quinn comedy special in 2019. In 2018, there was a Carl Urban movie called Bent that also had Sophia Vergara and Andy Garcia in it. Never heard of it. And this Wow. Wow. Yeah, I, I mean he might have been better off just going to Nicholas Cage’s house and talking to him about his Lamborghini.

If Nicholas Cage played Enzo Ferrari in this movie instead of Gabriel Byrne and his goddamn Scottish accent. Thank you. I’m so proud of this beautiful car. It’s like a dream. What are you doing? He stands like he owns the world. See my caval with my name on my own car. It’s beautiful. He does. Thank you. Of all the people on the planet to play.

Enzo, it would’ve been horrible, but we could have at least gotten like, I don’t know, Al Pacino [00:04:00] or Marlon Brando, I don’t know. No, he’s dead. The other one, the old man is in everything. Yeah. Dan Niro. Yes. Dan Niro or some . It’s like the other guy in the Godfather, like there was like more than three. I know everybody who could possibly be adjacent Italian was in Godfather.

They could have used a regular Italian, they could have also recast the guy from Ford versus Ferrari who looked like Enzo, Gabriel Byrne and Robert Carlisle looked more similar than he does to Enzo. It’s like it’s so bizarre, and he didn’t even try to put on an affect or an accent or anything. I mean, the acting was just so subpar, ladies and gentle.

There are more Academy Award winners in this movie. Oh, because Mira Sono shows up as the second wife for the second half of the movie, , when they decide to just change actors halfway through . Has she done anything in the last 20 years since Romeo Michelle’s high school reunion? I’m sure she has. I mean, it’s probably stuff I haven’t watched, and of course, Frank Grill.

obviously he is [00:05:00] gonna play Ferucci Lamborghini, you know, the guy from all the action movies. The only similarity he has to Ferucci Lamborghini is the Pompadour hairdo that they gave him, because any mobster lounge singer from Las Vegas in the seventies could have easily played the part of Frucci Lamborghini in this movie.

Yeah, this movie starts with Questionable, but hey, you never know. It could turn out to be a really good movie. I mean, as ridiculous as the accents were on House of Gucci, allegedly. It’s a good movie, . I haven’t seen it, but you know, lady Gaga and Adam Driver and stuff, doing a ba, babo, baba Boo, little Jared Ledos in there.

Apparently at least Lady Gaga has some Italian heritage, so I’ll give her that. Oh, okay. Well that was it for that movie at least. Frank Grillo. and I guess Mayor Serino, technically , uh, well, I mean, yeah, at some point . Yeah. I, I, I do like that they weren’t going like full Mario and Luigi with the accents. . I mean, obviously Gabriel Byrne just [00:06:00] did whatever, but they weren’t even trying, because I think those younger actors were actually maybe like Italians.

I’m like, you have the worst accents looking at the cast. Everybody else in this movie is like Italian. Like their names are like . They all end in vowels. Yeah. Enzo Scott Ucci or, you know, it’s, it’s like a, a goddamn menu looking at the cast. Right. , would you like your spaghetti with meatballs or without, you know, good Lord you guys be wondering.

How much do I have to pay to watch this if I wanna watch it tonight? It was six bucks on Amazon. It wasn’t a lot on Voodoo either. So it’s not like we’re breaking the bank to watch this. Yeah, to your point, it was captivating. It’s like there’s plenty of movies about Ferrari, there’s plenty of stuff about Porsche and, and other races and whatnot, but when you see Lamborghini, it’s like, oh my God, we got, we got show.

Check this out. Like sexy. Sexy. Yeah, exactly. Right. And you’re like, so I gotta give it some credit despite the weird race, which we’ll talk about as we go. The opening scene, the flashback to Chano, Italy, [00:07:00] you know, which is a suburb outside of Denon, things like that. I was like, cool, this is gonna be a neat little, like we’re gonna start at the beginning and we’re gonna work through this and, and so on.

It fell apart like almost right away. , you mentioned the race, like we start off and we see a agent, Frank Gorilla with the chalk in his hair and Gabriel Byrne. They’re like in their respective Lamborghinis and Ferrari at a random red light. Start that race. We’re gonna cut back to this just randomly for like 10 seconds throughout the movie.

Like anytime it’s like scene change. We’re gonna get a couple seconds of that and maybe even the same one from the last scene. Change . Oh, you noticed that too? Yeah, . But wait, do we address the elephant in the movie now or do we We wait. No, we wait, we wait. Okay. Yes. There’s a lot of continuity problems with this movie.

You have to be more specific for me. But yeah, , there’s a thing that happens in that scene that like you should just end watching the [00:08:00] movie. All right. So I have to ask, cuz I am not in any way knowledgeable of the history of Lamborghini. So how much of this was. From someone who has no knowledge. It wasn’t hateful for the, what it was, I guess, presenting as a biopic, but I was like, I don’t know how much it, why do you wanna wait, Eric, to not cover this?

I mean, this just sets the tone for the whole movie. Just go, go for it. Tony, Eric, I don’t know, but can I guess at how much of it is true? Sure. Go ahead, Steve. I was surprised that Fario Lamborghini didn’t direct this movie . I assume maybe it was his son, like actually wrote it and like, no, no. I mean an Academy Award winner guy at to help out, blah, blah, blah.

Because it’s a weird tone though, because. This is what happens when writers stop writing and they use chat g p t to develop a screenplay from No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Chat. G P T would’ve gotten this, right? Because when chat G p T goes in, what year [00:09:00] did Enzo Ferrari die? It would’ve found the answer to be 1988, making it impossible for Enzo Ferrari to be racing Lamborghini in 19 effing 92.

Oh my God. Really? Yes. The ghost of Enzo was in that Ferrari, apparently. , oh my God. Fario Lamborghini died in 1993, a year after the supposed drag race occurred between him and Enzo. Well, that makes sense because spoiler alert, at the end of this movie, apparently that was all a fucking dream, I assume, a Jacob’s ladder situation.

He just imagined it on death’s door. He also was 95 when he died, so he was like, damn good looking 90. Four year old in that scene. Yeah. Yeah. That was a sexy 90 year old right there. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Ferrari was 95? No, no. Ferrari was dead for four years. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, okay. Wait, so he was 45 during World War II when he came back for World [00:10:00] War ii.

Enzo Ferrari, most people don’t realize, was born in the 18 hundreds. Oh, okay. Okay. But wow. Wow. Fario was in his eighties when he died. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Still, what brings that full circle to Dan’s point about how accurate this is, if you did what Tonya and I did, which was painstakingly sit through the credits, there’s actually a blurb at the end of the movie that basically says, All of this is fake.

All of this is made up. All characters are fictitious and are not based in any reality, blah, pretty much because it’s not officially licensed, sponsored by Ferrari or Lamborghini. And I mean, it’s got this big disclaimer at the end, but how can they use the fucking logo? Okay. All right. All right. I don’t know.

All right, so chapter one, dreams, , world War ii, I guess just wrapped up. We’re in Shinto, Italy, some, I don’t know, 18 year old kid hops off the bus returning home to his palatial vineyard . But apparently he was in his mid forties [00:11:00] when this happened. And Italy at that time would’ve been just decimated. Oh yeah.

Post World War ii, especially right at the brink. It was famine. I mean, our grandparents as an example. They left Italy because there was nothing and they were in the bread basket of Italy where all this took place. Now obviously Enzo started his company, you know, Ferrari in 1947. So they were making progress, rebuilding was happening, reconstruction was happening, but it was not this beautiful vineyard in Napa Valley that they showed in the movie and let’s fact.

Correct. So we’re not as bad as the movie cuz I was misspeaking confusing. Enzo, Lamborghini, Ferucci, Ferrari. So he was, Lamborghini was 77 when he died, so he was 29 at the end of World War ii. Okay. Late twenties. All right, I’ll buy it. But the kid in this movie looks like he’s 18. Oh yeah. He’s probably like 21, 22 or something.

But hundred percent it, it’s totally like fresh-faced like, uh, I’m going to propose to my feta girlfriend. [00:12:00] It’s going to be a great . Now it is not quite that out of an accent, but , we were trying to figure that out as well. Was she German? The actress was, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Cuz the accent was very wrong. It was all, yeah, very access powers.

I mean they had to make her stand out. I mean whatever. Different parts of Italy, you can make arguments. There are blondes in Italy, but a lot of them are burn. She been on the run there in the, the mid forties though. Like just hiding out there in Italy. Yeah. So yes, he comes home to open arms. Yeah.

Including his father’s who owns this palatial vineyard. And the family is doing quite well for what should be a war ravaged Italy, . But he’s trying to find his purpose and basically like, Hey, I’m gonna build some tractors. All right, cool. Half the price and twice the power. It’s, I can engineer it. I, I did it in the war.

Okay, cool. Cool. So that’s where the first inconsistency starts with me. I could be corrected by our listeners, but the way [00:13:00] I understood the story, the beginnings of Lamborghini and why he wanted to build the tractor was because he had gone. Tora, who was already building tractors and he wouldn’t sell Faro a tractor.

So he said, screw it, I’ll build my own. Did Fario not have money? ? That part of the story, I don’t know. But what I understand about the rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini is it started much earlier and a lot of people are like, wait, Ferrari built tractors? Well, like, got news for you. Yeah, we did an episode on this.

Porsche built tractors too, because back in those days, post World War ii, the only companies under all these rules, especially with American occupation, was that engineering companies or auto manufacturers were the only ones that could build that type of equipment. Yeah, makes sense. Here we go again.

Right. So there’s already this inconsistency here with the racing stuff and, and the tractors and whatnot. I’m like, whatever. How’s he gonna finance starting this tractor company? Uh, first I got the winner this first race, but it’s not gonna be me. It’s gonna be my friend Mateo, and you know, I’m just gonna help him build a car and it’s gonna [00:14:00] be great, but we don’t have a car.

I know I’m gonna build it, but what was the whole thing? Like how, how are you gonna pay for it? I was like, . You know, a man who has no debt, has no reason to work. Yeah. I was like, what? I was like, that’s an interesting idea. Okay. All right. All right. I get it. You know, it’s funny cuz I’m fact checking some of this, oh, no.

In that BS racing scene where then like, he’s like ripping the steering wheel out of the other guy’s hand and like crap. I’m like, how? What the damn my God, nevermind. Apparently that never happened. But what he did do is built that car and then entered it into the Mil Amelia race, 1940. Ah, that’s not what that race was.

No, not at all. That was like a race around the church in the Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This was like the church cookout. Oh, by the way, we’re gonna have the kids race go-karts kind of a setup , because up until that point I was like, all right, it’s suspension of disbelief. We’re gonna take some artistic license.

(Video) How Ferrari Accidentally Created Lamborghini

I turned to Tanya immediately when I saw the Porsche and the Benz, and I said, those cars are wrong. And she’s like, what do you mean? And I said that 3 [00:15:00] 56 is like a 3 56 B from like the late fifties or early sixties that Mercedes. The 300 SL convertible they were using, that car didn’t even come out until 1952 and it didn’t look like that.

So I was like, this is all freaking wrong, . And that’s where it just again, started to completely fall apart. This movie had such potential , you see what I mean about the W 1 94 big grill and logo and that. No bumpers, no nothing. Yeah. I don’t remember what it looked like in the movie, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t look like a W 1 94.

No, it doesn’t. Mercedes. No, but I’d have to watch it again. But that would mean I’d have to watch the movie again. Nope, I’m not gonna do that. No, no, no. Don’t do that. No. Nope. Not worth it. , after they lose that race, because he just yanks the fucking wheel for some reason. I don’t even know why. He is like, you’re gonna miss the turn.

He’s like, no, I’m not. I’m fucking driving. Like, oh, no, dude, miss it. Ah, they go off the road, whatever. One more thing about that. It’s a lot like trading paint. Did [00:16:00] they go over 20 miles an hour at any point? No. ? Not at all. They did do a little bit of fast and furious shifting constantly though. Oh yeah. Yeah.

They didn’t have like the 12 gear engines, like a semi-truck or anything. . Although it was so terrible. I don’t know what was worse, the modern race or that race, but we’ll go back to the modern race many times over. Oh, we will. Ferrari’s like a, they’re at race day to like announce. We want to congratulate everybody, but it’s like he full fucking Scottish, like it’s like, alright boy.

Oh, we’ve got the fun race day ahead of you. . Awesome. So bad. Top of the morning, . Yeah. So then, uh, I don’t know, it’s 1946. You just said something important, Steve, 1946 Uhhuh. . But I was confused about the year and I wrote it down several times and I have some notes actually. Is it 46? Is it 47 or 48? Yes. And the reason I ask is they say Enzo’s about to start his company, da, da da da da.

That happened in [00:17:00] 47. He was still with mm-hmm. , with Alpha Romeo and all that stuff up until that point. But then if you looked at the newspaper in the background, it said 1948. So which is it? There was like this whole inconsistency and the New Year’s was like going into 1946, I think somebody said. So it’s like, was the race really that long?

is that how long it took to do like 250 miles is like 18 months. Shouldn’t have no by, no, it just made no sense at all. So here we are, to your point. New Year’s were with the girlfriend. I, at first I thought they were singing karaoke or something cause they were just up there like with the band singing and blah, blah, blah.

And I’m like, wait, was Lamborghini also like part of a musical troupe, like singing uh, big band songs or something? It’s like, oh no, it’s just a New Year’s thing and blah, blah, blah. I, I turned to Tanya and I said, where’s the accordion that was missing? It’s northern Italy. There’s gotta be a squeeze box in this band.

I mean, it’s, it’s not right. And the girlfriend’s German, she has to have one. Doesn’t seem period appropriate not to have it. Exactly. But yeah, we get the whole like, oh, [00:18:00] I, I love you forever. Me and my, my single friend Mateo, we’re, we’re like a, a, a throuple we’re, it would be nothing but happy days forever and ever.

And I’m. All right. One of them’s dying soon and the other one’s just gonna leave. I don’t, not sure which is which. Cause I don’t know the story, but I know this story , I’m not trying to be like whatever, but I think he was in a relationship with his nose cuz they cast the guy with the biggest schnoz they could find that sort of looked and sounded Italian to play this Matt Mate.

Guy. Did you notice he turned and I was like, holy crap, it’s Adrian Brody. Like, it’s like, yeah. . Yeah. The Mateo friend. I, I, I actually like had to look it up like, is that Adrian Brody? I mean, it looks too young, but Yeah. . Oh yeah. So then we cut forward to sometime and uh, the girlfriend’s like walking in with breakfast and I’m like, wait, it’s nine.

Breakfast for like late dinner kind of a thing. I, I don’t know, it was a weird, but somewhere in that breakfast, they got married. Right. , because it’s suddenly, apparently they lost the race. And it’s like, oh [00:19:00] cool, you lost a race. Whatever. You have to get money some other way. I don’t know. Believe in your dreams.

And then he is like, well I had this idea about a rowing machine, the, you know, so people can work out and stuff. And I’m like, is this a thing? Nordic track by Lamborghini. Yeah. Sudden he pulls out, oh God. What were those things? Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley sold in the eighties. Both Flex. Both Flex.

That’s it. Yeah. What about your knowing machine idea? That was a good one. Nobody needs to lose weight. All the will during the war, I might need one. Need enough, I dunno. Eight, nine a month. I said I might need a weight loss machine in about nine. You, I will think again. She’s having a baby fool. . . Yeah. So then he goes to, uh, the Banca de Santo, and he’s standing outside the bank looking at it.

I just see like in his head, like he’s looking at like, this looks like a bank. Like that’s the only thing I can assume. He’s contemplating with that expression on his face looking at the bank. [00:20:00] He’s like, huh, ain’t that weird. There’s a bank. Like next to the church, next to where you’re building a tractor, right?

I mean, come on. Yeah. I mean, it is Italy, so everything would be next to each other. What do you need a car for when you could walk? That’s how it works, right? They deny him. So then he goes to talk to his dad. His dad who has this palatial vineyard, that is, I guess, been in the family since the eighth century or something.

I don’t know what, but he’s like, dad, I need money. And then the dad leaves and comes back with one of those like Danish cookie tins, right? that I expect him to open and have like a bunch of spools of yarn and shit or something there. . A little bit of thread, like I noticed your, uh, suit was a little shabby.

I thought I’d pitch that up for you. No. Right. But said it’s a bunch of cash and, and I love how, uh, Brucio’s response is just like, it’s not enough, dad. It’s not. . So he mortgages his family’s farm for I guess enough money to make one tractor. And I’m like, okay. So he is a selfish dick . I mean it’s a huge risk for sure.

[00:21:00] That’s what his wife thought. The wife is the voice of reason. She’s like, that’s very selfish. You need to take this money back now and give it to your father. And he is like, I don’t think it works that way. And I’m like, you know, he’s got a point there too. I don’t think that’s how it works. You just go back to the bank, handed back and like, look on second thought, nevermind guys.

On top of the fact of that, like during that time, I can’t imagine how stressful making payments post-war would’ve been. Yeah. A fresh mortgage. It’s like the timing of that is like complete insanity when I. Like what are they thanking? Not only that, what money was there to borrow? Italy was bankrupt. I don’t get it.

Oh, you could get wheelbarrows of that stuff. It just didn’t mean anything. Of course, , it mean it looked like the vibe of the town and like when you went to the bank and everything, it was as if there had been no war that devastated in an entire country and countries. I will say they did paint the picture that it was like the Dolce Vita times, like the early sixties where they had reconstructed and life was turning around and things were good, and Northern Italy was doing what it does [00:22:00] to keep things going, especially for food and for industry and all that.

but war torn Italy. Barely a year, let’s say. After the war was over, everybody was destitute. Here’s another part of the movie that I was waiting to come in at this point too, cuz it’s the family farm. We know he has brothers that work on the farm and like all these other people, the farm has been mortgaged.

The brothers and sisters and everything have nothing to say on the subject. Nope. They’re not even in the movie other than like, nope, in the background plucking grapes and shit. So, well they ran outta money for that part of the cast. They had to dismiss all them. So for me, like when we started building the tractor, I’m curious how he could market something that was just other companies parce.

He hodgepodged together to create it. This is Italy. Well, I don’t know why you’re asking that question. . Yeah. I mean, come on man. Seriously, how dare you talk about eBay that way? Kidding. , they went to a a salvage yard and got. A truck chassis and cut it down. I think they did bend some tins for like the hood and stuff.

Now when we do get to the part where he [00:23:00] is building the tractor and he suddenly he can afford a garage in the middle of town across from the church that they raced around and all that, that mockup that they built in there, if you look up the history of Lamborghini tractors does look like the original Lamborghini tractor.

So whether or not the final product in the movie was one from a museum or something like that, neither here nor there, I didn’t even bother to look that at least they got right. It wasn’t like, oh, we got a John Deere and sprayed it orange, which I took issue with the spray guns that they were using and the air compressors and like, oh, whatever.

Anyway, , no, but apparently fact checking. So he was getting parts. However, he was getting them from some sort of government military entity, and so he was buying like old military stuff and that’s how he was making the tractors. And then the. Engines all came from Morris trucks and in whatever that fuel thing is, like he actually like invented that himself.

Yeah, I was, I was intrigued by the dual fuel, like starting it off one, especially cuz I know some of the [00:24:00] old farm malls around like that. I wasn’t sure how true that was, but it was definitely an interesting thing that they threw in there. You know what I did appreciate is that he used copper and that’s a family tradition.

So now I see that it’s an Italian thing. It comes from Lamborghini, the use of copper in a vehicle, tractor, whatever. I mean I was down on that. That was good. A hundred percent full sin with the copper. Yeah. Always, always. So Steve, keep us going. Where are we at now in this, this tragedy, romance comedy that we’re reviewing?

Wait, now listen to this to just muddle the timeline even more if this is true, and I quote, Lamborghini was taken prisoner when the island fell. He was on whatever island of roads territory in Kingdom of Italy back then. When the island fell to the British at the end of the war in 1945 and was not able to return home until the next year, just in time for New Year’s Eve.

So he wasn’t even home till what? 1946. Hopped in a race car and built a tractor. Boom. All in one day. Yeah. Yeah. It was a [00:25:00] very busy 18 months once he got back, had a kid, didn’t see a wedding, new German wife, but then his wife died in 1947, so, oh shit. . Oh my God. What a mess. Oh shit. You know what the tractor was?

Fucking time machine. That’s why it’s so muddled. They got all mixed around and so it like doesn’t make sense really. But it’s like these are the events as they happened, but then you like would forward back to the future. It was all part of a Ponzi scheme. I’m sure it’s whatever. He was breathing in on that orange paint.

Whoever the writers were, all they had to do was read Wikipedia to have gotten it like 80% Correct. . And the whole thing about this movie is like, you know, the Ford v. Ferrari came out a couple years ago. Great flick told a decent story. Yeah, they took some liberties with this and that, whatever. But this was supposed to be like, yeah, Lamborghini v Ferrari.

That’s not really the movie. Nope. It’s more how did Lamborghini be a dick his entire life but become rich and then according to the story, made it all good in the end in a way or [00:26:00] didn’t. Who knows who. Like Ferrari is a ridiculous side note in this movie. Basically they could have left Enzo out and it would’ve made a bit of difference at the end.

Well, with the fact that all of the facts and like details are so wrong on this, I didn’t go to look to see if there were any reviews on this movie, but I’m curious if the only review would on saying it’s wrong. I’ve got a few, I’ve got critic reviews to uh, share with everybody too. It’s gonna be great.

Oh yeah, yeah. As we get to the end and wrap this up, but you’ve now talked about the death of his wife. We’re going there. So let’s talk about the delivery of his son. Oh God. The most realistic and gory part of the film. I would’ve thought this part was a part of a Bruce Campbell Sam Ramey film. It was. I didn’t understand why we needed to see like the red death, like what is this?

Oh, it’s pretty bad. And you knew something like that was going to happen as he was like, you know, our baby’s being born tomorrow, so you can’t stay working late and be like, oh, don’t worry, I won’t guess what I would do, [00:27:00] take the day off. My baby is being born. What’s gonna happen in this tractor in six hours?

Nothing. He had to wait to get the emblem placed. Yeah, no, for the fucking emblem. Guess what? It’ll be there the next morning too. So that was another thing to baffle me about it because back during that period, it wasn’t common for the fathers to be allowed in like the birthing areas and stuff. So unless Italy was different, cause I know in the US it wasn’t a common thing until probably late sixties, early seventies, where the men.

Welcome to come into the delivery room and stop. Okay. I’ll give you that. But still, just knowing he’s there, like when she’s screaming Ferruccio from the dungeon or whatever, that she’s bleeding to death in, you at least hear back. I don’t even remember what his wife’s name is. Oh, Matilda. Uh, it’s okay.

It’s okay. The doctor saw that for you and then they squirt more blood out onto the table. Oh, so nasty. Yeah, so like, okay, she died. That’s fine. It should be covered. However, that scene was so out of place with the rest of the movie Uhhuh . [00:28:00] I was like, why did you have to pick her dying in childbirth as if we were watching Saul?

I was waiting for Grisham in the rest of the cast of C SSI to come out at the same time, like . I don’t understand. It was so vivid. It. Oh my God. It was like those sex ed health class birthing videos. I mean, it was just so dramatic. . Yeah. All this is immediately after there’s a scene where he’s hanging out with his buddy Mateo, like at a cafe, and there’s the bus that comes through town every day and there’s this hot brunette check that gets off and Mateo’s like, oh, she’s so beautiful.

I’m already in love. You’re like, Paul, why don’t you just go talk to her? It’s like, I can’t just talk to a woman. I’m like, this guy isn’t fucking Italian. No . Yeah. I have never seen an Italian person that’s like, I can’t just talk to her. It’s more, I can’t possibly not talk to her, even if it makes her incredibly uncomfortable.

I’m gonna talk to her just louder. So, so they did the whole Cno de Berger act trope. Go say hello because you like her. Maybe she doesn’t like [00:29:00] me. You’ll never know if you don’t talk to her, you go over, you let your mouth, any. Hello. Anita, say hello to my friend Mattel. Hi. Hi. What he meant to say is, why don’t you sit down and join us?

Oh, I can’t. I will be late for school. What? What are you studying? Economics. Oh, and Mattel’s, the greatest race car driver that the world has ever known. He knows more about engines than anyone else. No, it was just so terrible. Like, oh, Farouk’s my wing man. Oh, it was, he’s a greatest driver at Olivia Italy.

No, I’m not. All right, well, why wing man? Duties are done here. You all have fun. And then she’s like, ah, I gotta get the class. Bye. . Oh, so bad. Jump back to the birthing scene for just a moment, right? Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yes, please. Let’s do, so after the birthing scene is all said and done with, should have put a screenshot of that as my backdrop,

(Video) Lamborghini vs. Trombone

No, no. He ends up back with the tractor and he’s like beating up the, the shop, right. Oh, [00:30:00] he’s fucking that place up. Just like right. I mean, it’s like he’s looking for, Secrets or something. I don’t know. He is turning tables over and then suddenly he’s like, I’m gonna beat the tractor. Where is the fume?

Yeah, exactly. And it’s like, like he’s gonna take it out on the tractor. What dawned on me in the middle of this, I turned in Tanya and I said, who’s taking care of the kid? Yeah, still in the hospital I guess, eh? Yeah. His parents cuz he lives at home. The servants back at the vineyard. I just, I didn’t not, but he was just born.

I’m like, shouldn’t you be there? No, you left and went back to the tractor. No, no. He’s destroying everything around him and he is just about to plow that tractor and he is like, wait breaks. Nope. Can’t do that. This is my livelihood. I’ve already lost my wife. I’ve got a baby that I don’t even know what it is.

I didn’t even check if it’s an any or an Audi. I mortgaged my father’s farm. We’re gonna lose the farm. Meanwhile, six minutes later he sits down with Mateo’s girl that he can’t make a move on. He was like out having a smoke or something somewhere and she like came out to him. She was beautiful. She was everything.[00:31:00]

I’ll sit. I will let you, yes. What will happen and only take what you have to give me because I need. And someday you’ll hate me for it. No, don’t want Mateo. I want you Forio. And I’m like, why? Why? Because he is such a nice guy. Because he’s got the smell of placenta on him still. Probably. I don’t know what, but she’s like, no, you’re so amazing and blah, blah, blah.

I like how we should basically be like, look, I don’t give a fuck about you. Right. And I’m like, well, apparently that’s her type. So sure. , I was beside myself. I mean that’s even if that was real. Yeah. It’s ballsy. Why is it in this movie, if it’s trying to be like Lamborghini, this great visionary, blah, blah, blah.

Totally doesn’t give a fuck about anybody except for his dead wife. It may just be his excuse. Like, no, it was the one love and now after that, all these bitches don’t mean a thing to me. They made him out to be like the biggest tool on the planet. It’s like, yes, the entire movie, I don’t get it. But it makes sense for you at the end of like, oh yeah, [00:32:00] Lamborghini has nothing to do with this.

Then it’s like, oh, so they’re gonna get sued for the box office of, I’m assuming 12 grand, half of which is here with us. Yeah, right. God. So yeah, apparently they’re a thing now, but Mateo’s super jelly cuz he’s like, Hey, that was my girl basically how cold it was. Cuz at this point he’s like, doll’s eyes, like, he’s like, Sharkey.

Yeah. Just not giving a fuck about anything it seems And Mateo’s like, What’s the smart one? She said nothing could come up this and look what happened. I want 25% of the company. The rest is yours. All right. I’m just gonna leave town. Did he get 25% of the company? That doesn’t matter cuz I was like, what an idiot.

Who negotiates? That way it says, I only want 25%. Like seriously, to be fair. Wasn’t he basically just the driver or was he also an engineer and stuff too? He was also an engineer. They were both. Oh, okay. Okay. They both learned in the military, however true that is. Okay. Supposed to be equal partners in this and then he’s like, I [00:33:00] only want 25%.

Maybe he’s on an island Barbados or something relaxing the rest of the time. He’s on the island of Capri. He’s got a mansion with his mere 25% for not doing a damn thing and Right. I didn’t get it. That was so bizarre. I mean we, we had a good laugh about it cuz it’s like, who negotiates like that? Like you’re an idiot.

Well, and at that time, what would 25% of the company have been worth? Nothing. Zero. I mean, one.

A quarter of the steering wheel . So now we start chapter two, the golden years. Don’t worry guys, there’s only three chapters in this, in this novel. Jumps right to 1963. So we fast forward quite a bit, and now Frank Grillo’s back in the movie , he’s in his forties or fifties or whatever now looking like an Elvis impersonator at the same time.

Good Lord. Totally got the like. Robert Evans vibe from, uh, Frank Carrillo . And then the wife is also the brunette, but it’s now Mira Sino instead of like some 18 year old Italian chick. They’re having a fight cuz she’s like, you [00:34:00] need to spend more time with your son Tonino. And he is like, my what now, ma?

Who? Yeah. You got a goo. Yeah. You’re like 16 to 24 year old son. Depend on whatever year it really is. Oh, cool. Yeah. I’ll, I’ll take ’em out on the boat or whatever and blah, blah, blah. And they have a little chat. They never get on that boat because I assume there were very specific instructions. You, you guys do not take this out of the slip.

That’s Lamborghini’s boat or something. Or you know, somebody’s boat and they slapped a Lamborghini sticker on it. No, that like, the tractor I think was a legit bulk outta somebody’s collection or a museum or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was no way they were putting that on the water. Yeah. That, that’s like from like Lake Arrowhead or something.

Like where they shot that probably gorgeous boat. Right. It looks like an old bond boat from the sixties or whatever. Beautiful, beautiful piece of, uh, but they’re like, don’t you even start this thing up? No. You, you do that shit in post or something. Special effects, you know, . So we’re in the factory now.

The Lamborghini tractor factory, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And did you pick up on the, Tanya did. Right away she’s like, oh God. And puts her, you know, [00:35:00] her head in her hands cuz they start using New York slang. We got all the, the fales and the funks and like . All this like, Baba Boo Brooklyn. You . It was like, wow, okay.

That’s what Italian is, right? Like I, I’ve seen a Scorsese movie. I know what’s up. Hua Gaba too. Dignify this Gomi. What gets me, and I don’t know if Dan picked up on this, Faro, Lamborghini drives Ferrari. And they talked about how he’s got one for every day of the week and yeah. Dan, did you notice the car was actually period appropriate?

It was the same Ferrari in a different color as the one from Ferris Bueller’s day off. I don’t know if if anybody caught that. So it’s a two 50 California, right? Yeah. Ow. Bow. That said he’s working on the car, right Dan? He’s looking clean. His all got out with his lab coat on and all this kind of thing.

What is he working on? Well, wasn’t it the clutch he was working on at that point? From what angle? Yeah, from the top of the car. . [00:36:00] Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I thought that was weird too. I’m like, well, maybe it’s, maybe I just don’t know my Italian sports cars and they got it all like backwards and upside down. But yeah, no, I don’t recall him wearing a lab coat.

I thought he was wearing, he had the long, he had that long coat or whatever the hell it was he was wearing. Yeah, his, his science coat . Either way he was way too clean to be working on a car. A thousand percent. . Didn’t he have the Kiwi driver friend that showed up like the scene before? Dude, help him out.

Bob Wallace. Yeah, we’re gonna get to that. We’re gonna get to that. But then again, again, this is the thing I took away from this movie is they had a lot of budget for some really good, authentic props. So we got the tractor, we got the boat, we got a two 50 California. None of these things are cheap. They might have all came from maybe the same collector or collection, but to me, I was like, all right, that’s cool.

You got that much. I mean you can rent this kind of stuff in Vegas, I’m sure, but you know, , it might have actually been a Dotson leftover from Corvette Summer, but you know, whatever. , . So yes, enter the Kiwi. Bob Wallace, uh, looking this up real quick, Eric, it was actually a replica car. Was it [00:37:00] really? Oh, okay.

It’s the internet movie card database that actually shows each of the cars in the scenes. Oh, nice. I’m pretty sure it’s the same one that they used when he was working on there, when he pulls up outside when they were testing one of the cars and saying, uh, Ferrari two 50, TESO 59 replica. All right, so we come to the final meeting, Lamborghini v Ferrari.

Fario is just hanging outside, I guess the Ferrari headquarters or whatever, and Enzo comes out with his, you know, bodyguard or driver. I don’t know what exactly, but it comes out and he is like, Lamborghini. I know who I am. Oh yes, you’re my tractors and air conditioning and evening, I’ve got a dinner appointments.

Forgive me, but do you? Clutch does not live up to you guys. I come as a friend, I’m sure you know this. I’m not the first appointed out. I have a solution. If you consider a partnership, Pari Lamborghini, you make the best cars in the. Go back to the tractor farmer. I’ve noticed something with your cars though.

The, the, the clutch, uh, it’s, it, uh, sucks the balls, you might say

It’s, [00:38:00] uh, we had, you know, to be fair, , there are different ways to go about this partnership than just kind like running up on somebody and being like, yo, yo, your car sucked, but I can help you. It was so skeezy. I mean, it was just like, wow, really? You might as well have been selling in vacuum cleaners and Encyclopedia Britannicas at the same time.

But , I didn’t even take issue with that. It was Enzo gets in a car Yeah. And drives away. Did anybody notice what Enzo drove away in? Wasn’t a Mercedes. Not a Ferrari ? No, no. It was a Rolls-Royce. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And I’m like, hold on a second. So I had to go back and I talked to some people that know and things like that.

And, you know, I did some fact checking of my own through the community and everybody says, That Ferrari drove himself to and from work every day, and he either drove a Fiat Dino or a Ferrari three 30, which he designed for himself as a daily driver. So where the hell did this roll rice come from? To be fair, the Ferrari in this [00:39:00] story is apparently an 80 year old Scottish man.

There’s a different parallel Ferrari that none of us have known about this whole time. This is the multi. Yeah, it’s a Star Trek time loop continuum thing. Next up, John Delane shows up as q and solves all the problems. This is the man in the behind legend , the little, little, little misquote from the title there.

Ah, . Okay. Oh yeah. He sees the bull fighting art or whatever and has a vision of like, no, and the logo must be the pool. And I’m sure had one made by, uh, artisan for like $5 million. I will say the Lamborghini logo itself is pretty cool. Like whoever designed it, the story behind that would be cool to like investigate and whatever.

It is iconic. There’s nothing else like it out there. It’s pretty wild. And it is true. All the Lamborghini are named either after bulls or bull fighters. So it’s kind of neat, you know, when you look at at least that part of the story, except for the very first Lamborghini, [00:40:00] which is just the number Yeah, the L three 50 GT or whatever.

Yeah, exactly. Uh, yeah. So we get the, uh, creation of this little montage where, uh, was it fall of 63? And he’s got all the people from Ferrari and Maserati and Alfa Romeo all coming together, working together, trying to brainstorm, all right, we gotta do this, but we gotta make the engine lighter. Well, what if we made it outta aluminum?

You can’t use aluminum. It melts too easy. Well, maybe we can put the things around, you know, they’re brainstorming. It’s like half the way and, and also like I was like, oh yeah, we’re gonna debut this at the Geneva Car Show. So that scene was actually pretty cool, which I don’t know if you noticed they did that kind of stop and they added the captions to point out the three engineers that had come from Alpha Rome, formerly Ferrari.

Ska Bi Zini and Delara, right? Those are three big names in the Italian automotive industry. Delara is still around. Obviously Bi Zini left and he went and created his own car, which is very similar to the second [00:41:00] car. The Lamborghini built all this kinda stuff. Obviously he had inside baseball on, on what they were developing and whatnot.

So I really liked that part. I like the fact that they included them and they acknowledged them. I know Tanya has a sweet spot for Delara, but I thought that was pretty cool that you had those three people kind of singled out in that particular scene. During the montage. They like mentioned the headlights flipping up and he is like, no, no, no, not this time.

Save it for the sequel. You know, like basically like save it for the second one. We gotta do this in six months for this Geneva show , which again, it’s like major time crunch for staking your very profitable tractor business on making a car. Just because Enzo Ferrari was like, yeah, go back to your tractor’s, farmer.

Yeah. And then we took it a, a bridge too far and we started talking about side mounting carburetors and all this stuff that completely lost anybody that wasn’t into cars. I mean, Dan, come on. I mean, even for us we’re like, seriously? Was it truly that detrimental to the storyline? It was like filler is what it was.

Yeah, a thousand percent. And I was curious about it. I was like, how much of [00:42:00] that legitly done on that cart? You know? Cause I’m not familiar. Italian cars and I was like, okay, is this something I actually did on that car? Was it something new? At that time? I didn’t know, but I know I was cringing in the back of my mind, thinking of like the Transformer movies where, what’s her name looks Megan Fox under the Hood and she’s like, oh yeah, your carburetor.

Something like that’s a fuel injected engine. There is no car rear. Yeah, a thousand percent . You ask my wife anything about Transformers, that’s the first thing she’ll bring up about any of ’em is like, oh God, that first one, Megan Fox looks under the hood and is so full of shit. She doesn’t even know what she’s looking at.

Exactly. And I’m like, oh yeah. Was she talking? Who knows? . Yeah, . I’m sure I’ll be run up on a pike for saying this, but classic car world. Everybody has their opinions. I personally do not like the three 50 gt. I think it’s ugly. I don’t like the headlights. I don’t like its shaped. I don’t think it’s a beautiful car at all.

You’d have to convince. Well, funny you don’t get to ride. . So what you’re saying is you needed the popup headlights for it to be cool. It’s so iconically [00:43:00] Lamborghini to have popup headlights. He’s got popup headlights on his Dotson. What are you talking about, ? I don’t know. For me, it’s not my cup of tea, and I’m not saying I’m biased towards something else, it’s just I look at the later Lamborghini and we’re gonna get to one of the most iconic Lamborghini.

But if you put this picture in front of anybody and took the emblem off of it and said, who do you think made this car? You wouldn’t say Lamborghini when you look at it. No, no, not at all. No, no. Not even close. Like I have a very specific Lamborghini in mind when I hear Lamborghini, and it’s the one that was on every teenager’s wall in the seventies, eighties, nineties, thousands.

Yeah. . The Kuta. That’s right. . It’s the one in all the rap videos that it ain’t that car. David Hassel Kung Fury. True survivor. Exactly. Yeah. It is the ultimate music video car I have said. It doesn’t matter what music you put to the Kuta, it works. Period. . Well, I’m going down the bridge and to see my sister.

(Video) Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear | BBC

Yeah, it works there too. I mean, come on. But the blue car in the Enzo versus Lamborghini [00:44:00] race is a Kuta. Yeah, and I’ll get into the Ferrari they used for this, cuz at first I thought it was one and it’s actually something else. But we’ll get into that later. Uh, so, so, so there’s family drama too, because we get a nice little scene where he’s, I guess, having dinner with his wife, Mira Sorvino, which was not the name of his second or third wife.

He had three wives. Apparently he had three wives. He had a second kid. Whoa. Whoa. What? Yes, he had a daughter, petitia. Oh, nobody cares about women. These writers. chat. G P T only goes to 2021. It doesn’t know these things. A lady Genie? No, no, no. Not in my story. A lady Guie. I like . But yeah, so they’re fighting.

Like a crab on the front of the ocean. I dunno who I married someone who could talk. Not only yet for that, I have bread and I have a lot, I don’t even know what they were fighting about other than like, oh, I need to spend more time and blah, blah, blah. But she’s just chucking, forgets him like over and over again, pelting him with it.

And I like how he just like grabs one [00:45:00] off the table. I was like, all right. No, no, no, no. It was like the reverse of that Seinfeld episode, right? I have bread for you, . Oh, and I fired the blonde. You’re fucking, ah, yeah. Right. And I’m like, oh my God. Uh. in the background. They have these shelves that have like, uh, you know, show they’re rich or whatever.

I swear to God, it’s those plastic shelves you get at Costco that you put in your garage just painted white. And they have his and her wine decanters. And I’m like, that’s how you know you’re living. There’s a little bit of drama with the one designer when you, he’s like, uh, talking about the flip up headlights.

It’s like, yeah, you’re design, it’s a, it’s a kind of shit. Uh, all I’m asking is for you to start over and do it again. That’s all. That’s all. You’re, you’re the best designer. Just start from the beginning and do it again. And then, yeah, the whole thing about the carburetor being too high and they, well, like tip it to the side and Bob wants to test drive it, but who gives a shit?

So now it’s like Christmas. We gotta get to Christmas because he has like, a reporter come and like interview him on Christmas Eve. And of course the wife’s like, why? What the hell are you doing [00:46:00] this? Blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, it’s so special. It’s that one thing you never forget. It’s like losing your virginity or you know, shit like that, like to a reporter.

And I’m like, they can’t put that on there. Well, it is Italy. I’m sure the reporter can take her top off if they really wanted to and be like, yep, there’s a rainstorm coming into Umbria region. You’ve seen the game shows. Then you, you, you got it all figured out. I watched the Senate documentary like with Shusha Juha.

Oh God. So, okay. That’s, in my opinion, the most memorable part of that whole thing is when he is on Shusha and uh, he is like, oh, is it you want for Christmas? And he is like, I have Buffet. I can’t tell you on the kids show. I’m like, whispers in her ear. You can basically see the flood watch below her, like just, oh yeah.

We were talking about how like there was some, like the family drama and stuff, and one thing that stuck out to me at one point was where he was with his son. and because his son was like failing classes or something, and oh, he like, he’s like, yeah, bought this for you because you fail. And then he made a comment [00:47:00] at the end of the conversation with his son, he’s like, yeah, if you keep doing this, I’ll get you something else.

And it’s like, why are you reward your child for doing bad? You know, that’s just setting ’em up for failure. He said, if you don’t improve your grades, I’ll get you a Ferrari. And I’m like, wait. So is the Ferrari the punishment? Because Lamborghini car isn’t a thing and it like, I thought it was like a dig of like, I’ll get you a piece of shit Ferrari or something.

Right? But it’s like, no wait, he’s still working on that first car. Like what All messed up ? Is this supposed to be later in the movie? Like, I don’t know, ? So are we at the concert at Christmas time? Are we there yet? Oh, okay. We’re, yeah, it’s uh, Valentine’s Day where it was the concert and I swear to God it was Yani up on stage, dude.

So Tanya had to look this up. Cause we were like, is this guy made up? Is he like some bur backer, act wannabe? It just sounded fake. It seemed fake. But to her credit, he is legitimate And he’s still alive at 84 years old. I believe you said 84 years ago. But yes. Tony Renis, was that his name? Yeah. Renis. Yeah, he is [00:48:00] still alive.

His real name is Ellio Chedi. But I don’t know why he would go by Tony Renis. Too many syllables. Honey Ren sounds weird. Rhymes with something else. But that said, did you notice as they panned around, they showed him more than once? Cuz we were laughing about this. Oh, there’s a dude, he looks like Fabio’s dad.

Yeah, that’s the guy. I think it’s Yani. like, cuz Yani like, looks like that when he is on tour and stuff like that. Like it’s full blown, like, I swear it’s a wig, but it’s like the Sam Elliot beard like kind of thing. I was like, it’s a good look. I was a guy like, why do we go back to him several times? . Yeah.

It’s, it’s like a three minute music video for the worst lip syncing I’ve ever seen in my fucking life with the like 20 year old kid that’s like, oh, supposed to be singing the song like it is rough. Yeah, I mean there, there’s so many pieces of this movie you could have deleted, you probably wouldn’t be left with the movie.

Yeah, it could have been like a seven minute short instead of a 95 minute movie or whatever. It would’ve been better as like a John Wu film like he [00:49:00] did back in the two thousands for b bmw. Like just show the racing, polish it up and move on. Lamborghini, he’s sitting there, we just see him at like a dinner table by himself and scribbling a on a napkin, like designing the car, some hot shit comes over and starts talking to him and he is like, oh look, I put eyelashes on the car.

So it’s beautiful, like you. And, and of course that’s when this wife and the son arrive at the restaurant and see he’s flashing a napkin at the lady. And of course the wife’s like, what was the kid’s name? Tonino? Yeah. Go Wait outside. Go wait outside. Go wait outside. I’m going to. Fucking kill your father, you know, that kind of thing.

The whole falling out and she’s like, I don’t hate you. I feel sad for you. And like, we are getting divorced. And he is like, well, what about Tenino? And I like, she’s like, well, what about Tenino? Right. Are you suggesting that you’re going to have the son you barely talk to away from the mother who has raised him?

Is that what you’re suggesting? Through Ucci? . And he’s kinda like, all right, good fucking point. . Yeah. Get that sack of potatoes outta here, right? I mean, it’s like, yeah, dude, what a dirt car. Get the weight off [00:50:00] my neck. Yeah, . Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So yeah, the car he’s sketching on the napkin is what becomes the Mura and one of the most iconic cars of all times.

It actually set the stage for supercars in general. It is like the original, it is the genesis of Supercars as we know them today. If you fact check Ferruccio, Lamborghini didn’t design the Mura. It was designed by those other three guys. Those three guys shot. But earlier I, I think that’s the theme of this movie.

He drew some shit on a napkin. Those guys designed cars. Yeah. But he’s Lamborghini. He’s the man behind the legend and the man behind the legend is just kind of a fucking prick. Right? That’s the point of this movie, right? Uh, that’s the what I took away from it. . I mean, it’s Elon Musk before Elon Musk kind of right?

Like Musk in design a of that. But guess what? He got fucking rich off it. He’s taken credit for it too, right? So, yeah. Yeah, he’s, he’s the financial backing. He’s the emblem. He’s the name. Unlike Ferrari and Porsche, [00:51:00] which most people do recognize today are both engineering firms, right? And they always have been.

Yeah. So it’s like a whole different, you know, style. I feel like it’s sizzle over stake in a lot of ways. Now, granted Lamborghini later, not Lamborghini, the man, the company developed a lot of really cool stuff. Some trend setting cars and always kind of breaking the mold. But at this point, he’s the new kid on the block.

Literally, Lamborghini is still one of the newest Italian car manufacturers, cuz everybody else had started in the early 19 hundreds. Fiat via alpha male. Ferrari was the new kid because he was post-war. And then you know, Lamborghini comes along. So yeah, that brings us to Geneva. 1963 ish. I’m not sure.

Yeah, 64 ish. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And yeah, so he is unveiling his new car. I mean, the mural was built in 1967. So again, we’re wrong in the timeline. Yeah. Where are we? Well, well say, but it’s not the mirror that was being released though, wasn’t it? It was the three 50 gt. Yes, correct. I was still on the napkins.

Sorry. [00:52:00] Yeah, either way. Fario Lamborghini is actually like the 14th time Lord from Dr. It doesn’t matter at all. Again. He’s like, I gotta go back and make things right. Oh shit. My wife still died. Picture it. Geneva, 1964, question mark. Sounds good. said Estelle Getti. He’s unveiling his car, but he says he’s gonna draw a little sketch and have a hot model check handed off to Enzo Ferrari right before.

Who wants to take this part? ? Describe this part. Dan should, I think it was a very agricultural description of the relationship between Ferrari and Lamborghini. Wouldn’t you say? Wasn’t it the bull like mounting the car? Yeah, a hundred percent. Yeah. The bull mounting the horse. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A horse. Yeah.

The Ferrari logo basically being raped by a bull SNL celebrity Jeopardy moment. This is what I expected between Sean Connery and Alex Trebek . That that was a serious suck at Trebek moment. That’s right. . And then, yeah, we cut back to 92. Whoa. [00:53:00] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. The best quote of the movie comes out at this point, right after he is given the card and all this kind.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They unveil the three 50 gt and you know, they have the woman reporter there and she’s talking in, you know, Ferucci, what do you think? What, what do you say? And he goes To drive a Lamborghini to own a Lamborghini, you must not be shot. Mr. Lamborghini, I know there are many questions about what’s under the hood of this car, but my first question is, what is the price tag of the Lamborghini g?

What is the place of a beautiful woman, a great bottle of wine, a pasta, you remember the rest of your life. These things are worth whenever they ask you to pay. You buy a Ferrari when you wanna be someone. You buy a lamborgini when you are someone. And I was like, yeah. And then he drops the mic, uh, whips his dick out, waves that it ends a little bit.

It was a very hard R moment. This movie was rated R. Oh shit. It was, yeah. Yeah. Well, no shit. There was a blood scene of like whatever in the first 20 minutes. God. Okay. So a couple F words and I don’t [00:54:00] know, one scene from The Shining that Harley makes an R movie. BG 13, for sure. Yeah. That scene was no PG thirteens When the baby comes out of the elevator doors.

We’re back to 1992 for chapter three, Laine again. Remember 1992, Faro Lamborghini dies in 1993. Yeah, he’s on death store, right? He’s like 80 some years old. Fine, whatever. Enzo’s already dead. Keep that in mind. 1988, he died after the F 40 came out. What kills me about this is the two cars that they. In the race.

So he’s got a Kuta, the blue car and the red Ferrari, which at first I was like, oh, because certain angles and I mistook the hood. I thought it was a 3 0 8 GT four, which is the predecessor to the car they actually used in the movie, which is one of the ugliest, worst Ferrari like of all time, in my opinion, which is the Manal coop.

It is a pathetic 2.9 liter, barely makes [00:55:00] over 200 horsepower v8. And then you have this 12 cylinder kuta. Again, we have a dead man in one car, , number one that’s on death’s door, ghost race. Well, I just have to say the whole time continuum through it from the first time you see Enzo at the race in the little town to this point when he.

Car. He never, he didn’t? Nope. Not at all. Nah. What the hell? And and even if this didn’t take place in 1992, it took place earlier. The cars are all wrong. It’s just all wrong. Right. . Not only that, I was like 1992. The Diablo was already out. Yeah. So if anything, they should have replaced the Kuta with that.

They probably couldn’t get one on loan. Fine, whatever. What a freaking mess. Union’s going on strike oils went up like four times overnight, you know, because of Desert Storm and stuff. Right. What’s Fario too? He’s selling the company giving half to his son and half to his brothers. Rumor. He had brothers 50 years ago, he’s found.

Oh yeah. So we can keep the Lamborghini name. You [00:56:00] guys can split it amongst yourselves and your families go for it. And then he is having dinner with his son and they are just eating carrots and bread. You noticed that too? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I didn’t notice it. Izzy noticed it and she’s like, are they only eating carrots?

And we like when it shows the whole table and there’s like, Five platters of sliced buttered carrots, . This is when the Coast War menu came out. Well, at least the bread was consistent. I mean, we started that way early on. He’s gotta have that bread with dinner cuz, you know, he was chucked at his head all the time.

So he is telling us, I’m like, Hey, you’re gonna get half the company. And uh, the son’s like, was it with it Papa? Wait, what are we having different conversations right now? It’s like, and then, yeah, this is where we like go back to that race and find out it was all a dream and blah, blah, blah. And, and I’m gonna throw this out there.

So nothing happened between 1964 and 1992, right of interest. Nothing except for the birth of one of the second most iconic cars of all time. The kuta. Yeah. Right. I mean, come on. So yeah, basically the Geneva thing where he drew the picture and Mike dropped cut to, [00:57:00] he died 30 years. , that’s it. They teased that he was going up against Ferrari.

Nothing happened after that though. They Ferrari’s just kinda like, whatever, do your thing. I’ll do mine. We’ll both get rich. Cool. Yeah. Nobody knows, right? Yeah. And, and then that’s just it. There’s, there’s so many holes in that story because Lamborghini didn’t really go into racing, not until the modern times, because they’re backed by Volkswagen.

So it’s a whole different thing. So Ferrari was always about racing. It was always Formula One. And you know, you know the stories like, you know, Ford v, Ferrari, Lamonds Rush, which is the, you know, the James Hunt, Nicki Lauda story. It involves a Ferrari. There’s always a Ferrari involved. You don’t see Lamborghini out there.

Right. You, because they were building these high class sports cars, let’s call them that. But they sort of only built one model at a time. You know what I mean? Yeah. So they were all these evolutions. So when they stopped producing the mur, then Diablo or something, well then the Japa came along and then the Kuta came along, and then it’s like they would have these little runs and then they would sunset a car and then start another one.

Because really as an outfit, they were [00:58:00] never as big as. Alpha Romeo or Fiat, which backed Ferrari in those groups. So they were a boutique manufacturer, right? They could only build basically one car at a time. Then he steps outside. He’s of course at the family vineyard, they’re in, uh, Santo right in Italy, rubbing his hands in the dirt.

and then he just looking at pictures of earlier in the movie and some random sketches, . So what got me about that scene is if you spent any time watching Picard, Uhhuh , I was like, did they lift this? It’s, it’s really Patrick Stewart’s hands touching the dirt on, you know, Chateau Picard or whatever. I’m like, this is such a rip off of stuff we’ve already seen.

(Video) The World's Most Insane Car! Lamborghini Vision GT

It’s lit exactly the same way. Like lens flares, but also like dark filter, like very lush. Every scene at the vineyard. Yeah, I was thinking of Picard. I was waiting for him to pop around the corner. There’s a rom Mullin in the background somewhere. Yeah. Riker pops outta nowhere. Like, hello, captain. Hello, number one.

So they’re seeing, uh, publicity stills from [00:59:00] earlier in the movie. Hopson is a Lamborghini. Mira starts thinking about his first wife and taking the loan out and Mateo and all the other bullshit we already forgot about long ago because he forgot long ago because it’s 60 years ago. And it’s like, oh, yeah.

Thinking about him for the first time. We get a little thing that pops up saying like, oh yeah, the, it was the MoMA, it was the Museum of Modern Art. Said the MI is the most beautiful car in the. Roll credits. Yeah, right. Beautiful car. I think we can all agree the Murra’s up there with the Jaguar E type and a bunch of the old Ferrari and stuff like that.

It’s a gorgeous car. There’s no contesting that. But I took issue with the scene. The sound was wrong. I mean that’s a v12, it’s a screamer. It has a very unique sound because of the way that car’s built and all that kind of stuff. And if you ever want to hear one, the sound is actually more right, because there’s a very similar scene to the scene we saw in this movie at the beginning of the original Italian job.

So they tried to sort of play off that where the guy’s slow [01:00:00] roll in the MUR through the country, you know, mountain Road there. And I saw that and I was like, man, when does Michael Kane step out? , you know, in a truck and try to steal the car or something. Like it was a good sort of ending, but I felt like I’d seen it before, but then the audio was wrong and it, it didn’t help that car in any way to really kind of give it that ferocity that a Lamborghini has because even the Kuta is quite.

Shrill and it, it gets under your skin. And it would’ve been cool, but I figured they were probably dragging that car with piano wire at like five miles an hour. Cause it barely looked like he was moving. Yeah. And if it was a real mur, I mean, that’s a seven figure car. Easily. I mean, good on them. Right?

Unless it’s a kick car on Dan’s list. Oh, it’s all C cgi. Yeah. Right. . And the big thing about, it’s like you guys are saying like the ending where he just starts driving off. It’s like when I was watching this movie, when it comes to the end, that’s all it, its like comes to an end and you’re like, what the hell?

It’s like, you, you left with so many more questions than you started with, in my opinion. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, so wait, what? That’s it. That’s where we’re [01:01:00] gonna leave off in 1992. Um, death story. I have so, uh, roll credits. I think we got Eric’s review. The sounds were all wrong. That’s his only note. Oh yeah.

That’s my only note. . So why don’t you hit us with some stats. What did the Oh, critics think of this. Stellar. Oh, right, right. Before we get to that, would you guys recommend this movie? No, no, I would recommend a refund. Oh, e everybody’s shaking their head and or leaving the chat, so yeah. I’m gonna take that as a no, I, I would’ve to agree.

I’m, I’m on the fence about it because here’s the thing. How many times did you watch it? That’s the bigger question. Oh yeah. There we go. Once, here’s the thing. Knowing this information now, I would’ve never watched it to begin with. Yes. But going into blind and ignorantly, it was entertaining. It was telling a story.

Even though the story was, apparently this guy’s an asshole that stuck out more than anything. I was like, this guy is such a freaking toll. If you wanna watch a movie like this, but is actually done, well, there will be blood. That’s how you do it, . Yeah. And that’s probably more based in reality too. It’s the thing [01:02:00] like, uh, they actually use.

I don’t know, dates and facts and figures, and it’s holding a nice operatic matter. This one’s kind of messy. Yeah, I, I can’t recommend it. What do you guys think? The Rotten Tomato score on this one is from the critics. I mean, if it’s single digits, it’s a lot coin. 7% low is all I can imagine. Tanya, you won 7%.

One positive review out of 15 from top critics. Wow. But as we say on our show, nobody gives a fuck about the critics. What about that audience score? Ooh, ooh, ooh. Did anybody actually watch it? Other than the critics and us? I think there was like a hundred or so reviews or something on there. That’s more than I would’ve expected.

This can go two ways. Yep. There’s the crowd of people that watched it. They would know nothing about it. Mm-hmm. and probably would give it a mediocre score. Then there’s the people that would watch it and knew a little. and would poop all over it. And then there’s the third option, which is when I sit down with people at a bar and they say, oh, you’re a car guy.

You [01:03:00] know, I saw that Lamborghini movie, blah. And I’m like, it’s all crap. And they’re like, what do you mean it’s all crap? I was like, did you see the disclaimer at the end? Well, yeah, that’s that first group of people that were, they’re all gonna believe it. And that’s the travesty. Exactly. It’s terrible.

What’s that number then? It’s gotta be less than 10%. I’ll be optimistic and say 2012 Dan’s closest 25 with the audience. Wow. So not, not good with the audience score. It’s tough to get into single digits. Like we’ve only done maybe three movies on our podcast that specializes in bad movies that have been single digits.

Wow. I think the lowest I saw was we watched was 3% to its credit. There isn’t a. Of information on the Lamborghini story. It’s not like you can go to autobiography on Motor Trend or go to Seduce by Speed or any of those types of ary type of things that they’ve put together, even on the noted automobile channels and stuff.

So it’s sort of [01:04:00] like Lamborghini’s been untouched for so long. It’s like stories handed down from his family, basically. Right? Or you know, like news clippings, but it’s basically them blowing Lamborghini like, oh my God, the greatest, most beautiful cars ever. All, all Italian treasure. So it’s, yeah, . Maybe this is the attempt to fire a shot across the bow.

Well, Lamborghini is now owned by Volkswagen, Audi group. Right. So maybe to get their attention, say, You need to do something to fix this. We need to write a wrong here. Yeah, yeah. And produce a real film because again, there’s plenty of documented movies and, and other things about the Ferrari story, about the Porsche story, et cetera.

But Lamborghini just seems to always be off to the side, and I don’t wanna say forgotten, because they’re realistically iconic. . It’s good that somebody went out on a limb and did something. Yeah. But to Tanya’s point, if you had just followed the Wikipedia , you would’ve had just touched better film. I mean, there’s still people alive that were intimately involved with the beginnings of [01:05:00] Lamborghini, so they must know how he was, who he was and what went down.

I mean, Delara, as an example, is still with us. So is the other guy you mentioned Bini. Brei. Sini, yeah, Sini. He’s still alive too. I think that we, what we need to have done is the, like the two engineers that were involved with the beginning stuff, we need to have like reaction video of them watching this Brady.

Yeah. Yeah. That would be perfect. That sounds interesting. Maybe we’ll get in the sequel. No, we probably won’t because I think this costs more than, its 1.6 million worldwide. Gross. I don’t know where that would’ve come from, but $6 at a time, people watching it on, uh, Amazon or Voodoo or whatever. What? It really grossed that much.

That’s surprising. Yeah. Yeah. That was kind of surprising to do. So maybe it was like released in Italy. That’s what, oh, so many angry Italians with pitchforks over there. Like, no, it’s the bullshit. Yeah. A thousand percent. As I mentioned, there was one lone positive review of this movie. Would you guys be interested in hearing it?

Yes, please. It comes from, uh, [01:06:00] Eddie Harrison of film, a strip down, but appropriately stylish and personal tribute to a man whose passion for cars changed the way we drive Three outta five. That’s the one positive review of this movie, and it’s still like it was okay. Yeah, the middle of the road is the best.

That’s said. The top critic, Robert Abel, of the rap said Emz biopic. That does the easy thing. Beautifying Italy and vintage auto. Stalls with everything involving humans and top critic, Morata Elfa, the AV Club. Fortunately, the movie is only 97 minutes long, but even this grace note comes at a cost to the viewer.

The end of the story comes out of nowhere as if the filmmakers ran out of money and stopped shooting before they were really done. D. So Tanya did say that when we were watching the film, cause at one point we paused cuz we, it was, you know, building up to Geneva and we’re like, wow, this is gonna take a while.

Yeah. If the end goal here is to get to 92, like we got a ways to go. So for whatever reason, you know, maybe it was get a snack or a bottle of water, it was like pause [01:07:00] and then we’re like, dang, we’re 80% of the way through the movie. Like this thing’s almost over here. Here’s the thing, Geneva should have been like the second act, like yeah, the rise to glory and blah blah blah.

And then, you know, the fall or you know, at least the battle with Ferrari coming after him and there’s low points and actual character growth and blah blah. Nope, we just cut it 30 years later when he died. So bizarre Chapter three was more like the thank you note at the end of a book, flat line. Thanks for reading.

Yeah, a hundred percent. By Lamborghini, you know . Exactly, exactly. But we got some more of that awesome race and you know, him pushing model cars on his desk, which didn’t understand that either. Oh, Jesus. The imagery there, the metaphor. I mean what, but guys, do you know who was originally cast to be in this movie?

Ooh. Ooh. This oughta be good as Ferruccio. Both as Ferucci Lamborghini. It was gonna be played by Antonio Bandera. No, . All right, cool. I mean, if Frank Guillo, let’s [01:08:00] go with that. In the role of Enzo Ferrari, Alec Baldwin. No . Yeah. Keep in mind, this was more than a year ago, , when they were shooting us pre Russ, he wasn’t making westerns and you know, whatever that would’ve turned out like framing John DeLorean.

I mean, can you imagine? Yeah. He would’ve reprised the role of El Hek from 30 Rocks.

Alright, well, alright, by then, if you guys were casting a a real Lamborghini movie, who would you have as Lamborghini and uh, Enzo Ferrari? I don’t know. Based on this picture of Fuo, I like Baldwin with dyed black hair. Actually might have been a better Lamborghini . I would go with Wayne Newton for Ferucci cuz they got the same style in the hair.

He still spray paints his hair black. And I think for Ferrari, I would’ve pulled the dude from Ford versus Fry cuz nobody remembers who the hell he is. His name is Ramo Remo. Jerone. Yeah. Yeah, because yeah, I remember him being really good. What [01:09:00] was the Timothy Dalton movie where Wayne Newton was the bad guy licensed to kill?

Yeah. Yeah, see? Yeah. Yeah. It’s a great flick. White suit and the Pompadour. I’m telling you, Wayne’s too old and had too many plastic surgeries. I feel like they could have cast anybody in this movie. There’s a whole country of Italian. Just saying. Yeah. Yeah. Roberto Bonini. Uh, Enzo Ferrari. Yeah. Would’ve been more convincing.

I would’ve replaced Mia Sino too, cuz it was like she just felt out of place in this movie. I absolutely agree. She should be Marissa Tome. You know? That’s a good call actually. I know , they did a good job pairing the younger version of her with Mia Serena. So whoever they found, yeah, that actress who was a no name, basically.

I was like, okay, I can see the transition. You aged her up gracefully. It just didn’t fit at the end of the day. I was totally expecting Adrian Brody to come back later in the movie. , right? As Mateo or whatever. . No, no, no. That dude took his 25% and went away. . Yeah. He’s [01:10:00] in Argentina or something, but I’m like, yeah, what happened to that guy?

Like what’s his story? He probably never existed. That is probably true too. He probably represents like the other investor in Lamborghini, whoever it may have been, or he represents the 25% of the audience that liked this movie. Yeah, Mateo loves this fucking movie. That’s basically it. , he’s the only person in this movie that loved it.

Even the dad was kinda like, EH, two outta five. Oh, and guys, we gotta find out, because I don’t know if you know this. We’re on a podcast called Everything I Learned From. What did we learn from Lamborghini? The man behind the legend. Well, I didn’t learn anything. What I learned was through Wikipedia that he had other children and grandchildren.

I also did not learn much. But that fact checking is important. And you shouldn’t use chat g p T to write a screenplay. I just got confused. I didn’t learn anything. I just got confused. , what did you learn, Steve? I learned that those Danish cookie tins have been around forever and they would be like, they’re basically the equivalent of like mason [01:11:00] jars buried in the backyard.

in Italy. Find those on Oak Island suit too. , right? Native Americans used these upper centuries before the white man came over. Like how the fuck did they get ’em? ? And there’s still dance brand too. There’s only one manufacturer of those shortbread cookies. That’s it. Yeah, exactly. Well, that being said, folks, if you enjoyed our review of this extremely terrible movie, you can find a lot more of ’em with Steven Izzy over at everything I learned from movies.

So, Steve, tell the audience how they can get ahold of you guys. Oh, well, of course we’re on all the major pod catchers under everything I learned from movies. Or we can end up directly on Twitter, Facebook and Pat Peto on an E I L F movies. That’s everything I learned from movies. It’s a little better when Izzy’s here and we can harmonize when I say that.

Mm-hmm. for the next couple of months. We just started here in February. We’re reviewing porns because we drew the theme of porn month that was suggested to us. Actually just today, our episode for Hot and Saucy Pizza. Girls just dropped in, [01:12:00] man. Oh man. Was that fun? So if you wanna hear Izzy almost vomit in some scenes, listen those episodes or come back to our regularly scheduled bullshit when we start Marky March, talking about Mark Wahlberg movies.

And then Ari and May, you guys may really be interested in May because we’re talking stunt movies and so we’re gonna see a lot of fucking cars doing cool shit and blowing up. Oh, that’s time to invite us back. That’s right, . It’s, you know what I’m happy though, is we found a new movie that we could all review together.

Oh, it follows suit. It is terrible. So this is great. So now we get to look forward to whatever the next one is. Absolut.

If you like what you’ve heard and want to learn more about gtm, be sure to check us out on You can also find us on Instagram at Grand Tour Motorsports. Also, if you want to get involved or have suggestions for future shows, you can call or Texas at [01:13:00] (202) 630-1770 or send us an email at crew chief gt

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The 63 in its name references 1963, when Lamborghini showed its first sports car to begin a tradition of powerful excess, as well as the yacht's length – 63 feet – and the number to be made.

What will the new Lamborghini be called? ›

The new Lamborghini Revuelto is the brand's first plug-in hybrid, and it still has performance as a priority with 1,001bhp. 2023 marks Lamborghini's 60th birthday and as a present to itself it's launched a new V12 supercar. Say hello to the Lamborghini Revuelto.

Are all 2023 lamborghinis sold out? ›

Lamborghini wants to prove it could be recession proof, with the luxury automaker already sold out until mid-2024 - a rather unique problem to have. Italian luxury automaker Lamborghini is sold out completely through 2023 and right into 2024, according to CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

What is the best car in the world? ›

The nominees and winner are picked by a panel of over 100 journalists from around the world, with the largest group coming from the U.S. The all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 won the 2022 vote and the brand will be looking to repeat with the new Ioniq 6 sedan.

What car costs $3 million dollars? ›

28. Koenigsegg Jesko: $3 million. The Jesko is our first hypercar that hits the three million dollar mark. From a performance aspect, this makes sense: the Koenigsegg Jesko is also one of the fastest supercars in the world in 2023 – which definitely goes a long way towards its sticker price.

What's the fastest car in the world? ›

The fastest cars in the world right now are:

Rimac Nevera. McLaren Speedtail. Koenigsegg Regera.

Are Lamborghini reliable? ›

Although the most recent models of various types of Lamborghinis are reliable, many versions are not. This trait is common with high-class cars because they are made by hand and are tricky to fix. Lamborghinis are not reliable because: They are handmade, leaving room for error in the make.

Is A Lamborghini faster than a Bugatti? ›

The Bugatti Chiron vs Lamborghini Sián in a race

In a sprint, it can do 62 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds or less and has a top speed of 217. The Bugatti, on the other hand, can sprint 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds and has a top speed of 261 miles per hour, and that's not even the sport edition.

Is the movie Legend available in Netflix? ›

In swinging 1960s London, twin brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray make a name for themselves as the East End's most notorious gangsters. Watch all you want.

Is Legend currently on Netflix? ›

Where to watch Legend. Legend is not available on Netflix USA It is available on Netflix in other countries and with a few simple steps you can unlock it and start streaming.

Is Legends still on Netflix? ›

The seventh and final season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow dropped onto Netflix US on March 10th, 2022.

Is the movie Legend on Hulu? ›

Watch Legend Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Legend on HBO? ›

Watch Legend | Movies | HBO Max.

Does HBO have Legend? ›

Watch Legend - Stream Movies | HBO Max.

Is Lamborghini available on Netflix? ›

Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend ( 2022 ) on Netflix.

Why is the movie Lamborghini rated R? ›

Common Sense says

Car biopic has dangerous driving, traumatic birth, language.

Is the film Legend on Amazon Prime? ›

Watch Legend | Prime Video.

Where can I watch Legend on TV? ›

Legend | Sky 148 Virgin 149 Freeview 41 Freesat 137.

Is Legend on Netflix good? ›

As a double vehicle for a fantastic actor, it is worth watching. A well polished, but plodding biopic, driven by strong character performances and a well-chosen cast. Hardy's double performance is a joy to behold, but the film maybe doesn't quite have the conviction to make it as legendary as some would've hoped.

Did Netflix remove I Am Legend? ›

And it's quite the list for September, losing a plethora of critical favorites ("Nightcrawler," "Argo," "Boogie Nights," "Catch Me If You Can"), comedy classics ("Dumb and Dumber," "Mean Girl"), genre film gems ("Blade Runner" new and old, "Constantine," "Se7en," "I Am Legend," "Insidious") and some of the streamer's ...

How many seasons of legends are on Hulu? ›

Legends (TV series)
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes20 (list of episodes)
16 more rows


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